Waikato University Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design

Involvement in the Glass Hedgehog Project

The University of Waikato Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design has been a strategic partner in the Glass Hedgehog Project since its inception. 3rd year students on the degree complete a significantly weighted project in their final year which sees them partner with foundation arts students from Artmakers Trust to create some of the stories showcased on this website.

Background to the Degree

Unique in New Zealand and in line with new international developments in computer graphic design education, the BCGD at Waikato teaches students to manipulate the software they work with and extend the potential applications and creativity of design practice.

Offered in partnership with the Wanganui School of Design, the degree is ever-evolving. It has been developed in close collaboration with the design industry, with an eye to the international market as well as the local one.

In the first year, students have the opportunity to develop a firm foundation in the core elements and principles of design, both two-and three-dimensionally. They also learn essential techniques that will assist them in broadening their verbal and visual skills.

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