A Selection of Stories told in 2006

Below we share but a few of the wonderful stories created during our collaborations. We do hope you are as inspired by these stories as we were during their creation.

Allana - My Story

Dreaded vegetables! YUCK! Kids gotta get their vitamins and minerals, right? What if you dont know whats good for you or do you? Allanah remembers her struggle with the veges !

Alicia - A Little Lesson on Life

How old do you have to be before you begin to understand the wonder of the life force? Alicia remembers the moment, in this beautiful reflection.

Faith - The Bus

A child’s world can be just as political and hierarchical as the adult world. This is a humorous tale about challenging the hidden ‘establishment’ of school bus culture.

Jade - Jade's Story

Searching for the right place to be. Children of families who relocate often experience disorientation, working out where they "belong". Jade tells about her experience, and what she finds out about herself.

James - The True Freedom of Dreaming

Where do fantasy and real life merge and separate? James explores the power of imagination to transform and transport, a story about the limitless possibilities of creativity.

Lidonna - The Story of Lidonna

Weird Lidonna, thats what people called her somehow, not like the other kids. Knowing who you come from helps to explain. The story unfolds like a dark rose, strong and sweet.

Rebecca - Rebecca's Story

Living in the country is the sweetest thing there is. Explore Rebeccas beautiful gallery of personal landscapes and the joys of rural life in NZs north island.