Welcome | Kaupapa

Welcome to Artmakers GLASS HEDGEHOG, a site where you can view digital stories created by Artmakers Trust, in Hamilton New Zealand. We are an independent Charitable Trust and Community Arts organisation, established in the early 1980’s. We are dedicated to supporting the well-being and development of individuals and communities, primarily through engaging people in the magic of creative experiences.

Through storytelling we rediscover the most natural of abilities, to tell who we are, and in the telling of our own journeys we become new listeners. We believe that stories and narrative are the essence of every life journey; they are natural as sunlight passing through glass. Stories on this site have been created in collaborative partnerships between novice digital media users, emerging ‘artists’ – which we consider to be ‘anyone’- working together with teaching artists & technology coaches so that the storytellers are able to develop skills in both narrative and the arts, and be supported in learning about digital design using accessible technology.

Most of the content is created by the storytellers using their own original artwork and/or photographs. You can find out more about Artmakers, and contact details by looking at our website: www.artmakers.co.nz